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The Good Vet & Pet Guide Review (April 2018)

A big thank you to The Good Vet & Pet Guide for their fantastic review of the Soggy Doggy mat... to see the whole review, go to their product review page on here's a taster !

Soggy Doggy Mat - A Must Have For Doggie Homes

Soggy Doggy products really are a 'must have' for anyone living with a dog!

❝The XL Soggy Doggy Mat is possibly the best pet product we have ever purchased. It has completely exceeded our expectations - it doesn't just work, it works brilliantly.❞

We live with 2 Great Danes, a Labrador cross and a min pin who are 'mud magnets', and with their help(?) the winter months result in our garden resembling a well used BMX track! As you can imagine, at this time of year my favourite fashion accessory is a mop and bucket!

When Soggy Doggy promised that their mats could trap dirt and smells we were slightly skeptical. But such was the effort of mopping the floor umpteen times a day, we thought we would take the plunge and buy the XL version in grey. It arrived within a couple of days of placing our order - so no issues there!

I was surprised at how soft and velvety the mat was - I placed it by the back door and Eddie our youngest Great Dane promptly put his paws up and and had a snooze!

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