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We are very grateful to for their fantastic, independent review of the Soggy Doggy mat and drying towel ! This is a taster .... head to to read more and see their reviews on other products too...

Soggy Doggy – Drying Solutions for Wet DogsMarch 14, 2018 woofwagwalk 10 CommentsDid you know that #wetdogwednesday is a thing on Instagram? Well if you have a spaniel it will probably come as no surprise! My two girls seem to live in a constant state of sogginess and are of the opinion that unless they get wet and muddy on a walk it wasn’t really that much fun! Obviously then I am always open to suggestions on how to deal with the aftermath so when Soggy Doggy got in touch with us and asked if the girls would put some of their products to the test I was only too happy to agree. We received a Super Shammy Drying Towel, a Soggy Doggy Mat and a Soggy Doggy Slobber Swabber to review. The Towel and Mat are incredibly soft, they actually feel quite velvety and are made of 100% microfibre polyester and are machine washable. Soggy Doggy UK Wholesale are the sole importer of these great products from the USA, which work so well due to the fact that each “noodle” of the fabric is made from millions of fibres woven together.

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