• Soggy Doggy Slopmat (small mat/placemat) Grey/Light Grey Bone

    SKU: 1890

    The Soggy Doggy Slopmats are perfect for the owners with messy eaters. These mats go under the food and water bowls and help keep your home cleaner. These water absorbing and dirt trapping placemats keep dog food pieces and dripping water contained. Shop for your Soggy Doggy placemat today for a clean and dry home. Size 18" x 24"

    • Care Instructions

      The Soggy Doggy slop mat washes beautifully but remember to only wash at 30 degrees - and to wash dark colours separately.  They dry really quickly, but if you want to tumble dry, make it cool and quick ! 

    • Returns

      If you Soggy Doggy product is faulty, we are happy to refund or exchange for you.  You will need to send it back to us here at Soggy Doggy to check what went wrong.

    Grey/Light Grey Bone

    2017 Soggy Doggy UK Wholesale