Large Travel Mat / Crate Mat (Grey) 23" x 36"
  • Large Travel Mat / Crate Mat (Grey) 23" x 36"

    The Large Soggy Doggy Crate Mates are great products for many reasons! They fit inside the dog crate and offer lasting comfort to young and old crate-sleepers alike. They are machine washable, super-absorbent, and comfy for your pup. These crate pads can also be used in the back of your car to help dry your dogs after swimming at the park, a rainy hike, or an adventure in the snow! These crate pads can be used anywhere your wet dog goes, keeping everything dry and clean.  

    • Crate Mats Care Instructions

      When the crate mat is washed (on 30 degrees, and not on a fast spin) due to the inner foam, which provides extra comfort for your dogs, it may look like it has bunched up... as the foam is secured during the stitching process at our factory,  a couple of shakes and a straighten out will bring your crate mat back to shape.


    2017 Soggy Doggy UK Wholesale